You waited long for it and we thank you all for your patience. Here we go with our day splits! What will be your favorite day of the DEATHFEAST OPEN AIR 2024 ? We can't wait to open the gates of the JUZ LIVE CLUB Andernach in 56 days! If you don't have your tickets, support us and get them now. THURSDAY 22.8.202423.00-00.00 Disentomb21.45-22.30 Hideous Divinity20.45-21.30 Guttural Slug19.45-20.30 Diaroe19.00-19.30 The Voynich Code18.15-18.45 A CALL FOR REVENGE17.30-18.00 Crown the Beast16.45–17.15 Pray for Pain16.00–16.30 Unhallowed Deliverance FRIDAY

We are happy to have four exclusive bands on the Deathfeast Open Air this year. All of them are flying in exclusively to melt your faces. These bands are rare seen in Europe, so get ready for something truly special. The Red Chord (USA) – Technical Death Metal / Grindcore / Deathcore Bringing their technical prowess and grindcore chaos, these guys will make sure your brain and neck both get a workout. Waking the Cadaver Official (USA) – Slam Death Metal They’ve mastered the art

Here we go! Please check out our full Flyer for Deathfeast Open Air 2024 and help us spreading the word about the most brutal Festival in Europe. Tell your friends about the heavy slamming party incoming at the JUZ LIVE CLUB Andernach (Germany) on 22.-24. August 2024. We are happy to have four exclusive Europe appereances and a lot of bands who never played at the Feast. FULL DEATHFEAST OPEN AIR 2024 LINEUP: - The Red Chord - Technical Death Metal / Grindcore /

Here we go. The last three bands for Deathfeast Open Air 2024 are booked and we can't wait for the party at JUZ LIVE CLUB Andernach in Andernach, Germany on 22nd-24th August 2024.We’re stoked to unveil the last three additions to our killer lineup:Cephalotripsy (OFFICIAL) (USA) – Slam Death MetalGet ready for an exclusive European show! This is a rare chance to witness Cephalotripsy’s slamming brutality live and also with a new album in the backpack!DIAROE (Germany) – Groove Death /

Our lineup is closing slowly, and we are happy to announce the next banger for DEATHFEAST OPEN AIR 2024 today. It's been nearly two decades since this powerhouse last played a show in Europe, and we can't wait to have them at the feast this year for the first time. Unbelievable brutal grooves paired with a high dose of aggressiveness make this band stand out from the others. Welcome: The Red Chord Get your tickets in presale; it will be a nasty party. We have

Today we have to share a sad and a great news with you. Sadly, Stabbing is not able to travel to Europe this summer due to schedule clashes. We are already working on getting them for the next edition. The good news is, the brutal death metal bulldozer Disavowed is back and we are happy to announce them as a replacement for Stabbing. Disavowed is a powerhouse coming from the Netherlands and the boys are ready to smash our stage again. Fb event: DEATHFEAST OPEN

We got two more bands for you today. The slam train is getting some grindcore wagons on and will deliver this two explosive acts. Chordotomy from Germany will be slamming our stage while Barren Chainsaw Grind from Belgium will deliver the chainsaws for a relentless grindcore show. We still got 4 more bands to announce and we are working hard on closing the lineup for the DEATHFEAST OPEN AIR 2024 . Help us spreading the word and get your tickets in presale.

We got another band announcement for DEATHFEAST OPEN AIR 2024 for you guys. Today we have two french powerhouses for you. Both bands are blasting like there is no tomorrow but also know how to slam down the pit. Welcome: - GOROD - technical and Brutal Death Metal - DEATHAWAITS - Groovy Death Metal And also thanks to all ticketbuyers. Our early bird 3-day-tickets and the early bird 3 days with camping are sold out. Thank you so much for your support. We still got enough

The line-up for DEATHFEAST OPEN AIR 2024 is getting fuller and fuller and that's why we're presenting two more bands today. You know them both and you love them both, because these two bands are known for their huge mosh and circle pits. Get your stepshoes ready for this massive invasion of Andernach. Welcome: - Korpse from the Netherlands - Human Vivisection from Belgium More Bands coming the next days, but in the meanwhile you can get your tickets for the DFOA 2024.

You all know, Friday is Highday. And today you can get high on our next band announcements.Deathfeast Open Air was/is/will never be a festival with big headliner names. But we will always present you special bands that have never set foot on European soil before or are seen rarely live. Today's announcement is nothing short of this philosophy. We are very happy to announce a Chinese band which never played outside of Asia and a Mexican band which will bring the