Deathfeast Open Air

First Bands for DFOA 2024

We’re thrilled to reveal the first wave of bands that will slam our stage at the JUZ LIVE CLUB Andernach . Brace yourselves for an onslaught of pure madness!

🔊 Introducing the First 17 Bands:
Waking the Cadaver Official – Legendary Slam Death Metal from USA (Exclusive EU Show in 2024)
DISENTOMB – Technical Brutal Death Metal from Australia
Stabbing – Brutal Death Metal from USA
Hideous Divinity – Brutal Death Metal from Italy
Stillbirth – Brutal Surf Death Metal from Germany
Putridity – Brutal Death Metal from Italy
TEETHING – Grindcore from Spain
Inhume – Death/Grind from the Netherlands
Distaste – Death/Grind from Austria
Sodomized Cadaver – Death Metal from UK
CENOTAPH – Brutal Death Metal from Turkey
The Voynich Code – Deathcore from Portugal
Paediatrician – Goregrind from Hungary
Devine Defilement – Slamming Death Metal from Island
Infestation – Slamming Death Metal from Lithuania
Putrid Defecation – Slam Death Metal from Finland
Unhallowed Deliverance – Technical Death Metal from Germany

We hope you like our first 17 Bands for the DEATHFEAST OPEN AIR 2024. 16 more bands are yet to be revealed, each bringing their unique brand of brutality to the Deathfeast stage.

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