Deathfeast Open Air

Last 3 Bands confirmed!

Here we go. The last three bands for Deathfeast Open Air 2024 are booked and we can’t wait for the party at JUZ LIVE CLUB Andernach in Andernach, Germany on 22nd-24th August 2024.

We’re stoked to unveil the last three additions to our killer lineup:
Cephalotripsy (OFFICIAL) (USA) – Slam Death Metal
Get ready for an exclusive European show! This is a rare chance to witness Cephalotripsy’s slamming brutality live and also with a new album in the backpack!

DIAROE (Germany) – Groove Death / Grind
Bringing their groove-infused death metal and grindcore mix to the stage, Diaroe is set to deliver an unforgettable performance.

Crown The Beast (Denmark) – Groovy Death Metal
Prepare for groovy riffs and bone-crushing breakdowns as Crown the Beast takes the stage!

Get your tickets in presale and share the news with your friends who love slam and death metal.