Deathfeast Open Air

4 exclusive Bands on the Feast

We are happy to have four exclusive bands on the Deathfeast Open Air this year. All of them are flying in exclusively to melt your faces. These bands are rare seen in Europe, so get ready for something truly special.

The Red Chord (USA) – Technical Death Metal / Grindcore / Deathcore

Bringing their technical prowess and grindcore chaos, these guys will make sure your brain and neck both get a workout.

Waking the Cadaver Official (USA) – Slam Death Metal

They’ve mastered the art of slamming groove death metal. Get ready for mosh pits that will be registered on the Richter scale!

Cephalotripsy (OFFICIAL) (USA) – Slam Death Metal

Known for their guttural slams and relentless brutality, Cephalotripsy will make your ears bleed in the best way possible.

Dehumanizing Itatrain Worship (China) – Slam Death Metal

With a name that’s as brutal as their sound, they’ll make you wonder if you should headbang or get on a train to the next moshpit.

These bands are coming all the way from USA and China to Deathfeast Open Air just for YOU!

Don’t miss your chance to see these 4 legends in action.