Deathfeast Open Air

Flyer zum Deathfeast Open Air 2022

Complete Lineup for the Deathfeast Open Air 2022

Today we have fresh news about the Deathfeast Open Air.

The last weeks were very turbulent and we got one cancellation after the other. Just when you thought you had everything done, the next bad news came in.

But we braved the storm and were able to straighten everything out and first and foremost confirm many new killer bands.

We will post everything you need to know about Deathfeast Open Air 2022 in the next days, but today we start with our line-up. We were able to complete the line-up.

Unfortunately Exhumed, Vitriol, Rings of Saturn, Nightmarer, Pathology, Visceral Disgorge and Holocausto Canibal had to cancel their gigs. The reasons are obvious. The greatly increased costs are now making our lives hell. That’s why it’s even more important to use the presale in these times, to help the promoters and bands to get some planning security.

Despite all the bad news, we also have some good news. We could complete our lineup with Beheaded (Malta), Wormed (Spain), Leng Tch’e (Belgium), Coffin Feeder (Belgium), Gutalax (Czech Republic), Korpse (Netherlands), Brutal Sphincter (Belgium) and Kanine (France).

We will share the Running Order this week.

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Deathfeast Open Air 2022 Line-Up:

Suffocation (USA) | Benighted (FR) | Beheaded (MT) | WORMED (E) | INGESTED (UK) | GUTALAX ( cz gore grind ) (CZ) | Extermination Dismemberment (BY) | Organectomy (NZ) | ANALEPSY (PT) | Coffin Feeder (BE) | Leng Tch’e (BE) | Stillbirth (GER) | Vomit The Soul (IT) | Korpse (NL) | GUTSLIT (IN) | Brutal Sphincter (BE) | Epicardiectomy (CZ) | Cumbeast (FIN) | Endseeker (GER) | Monasteries (UK) | Tortharry (CZ) | Profanity (GER) | HURAKAN (FR) | Bloodtruth (IT) | Kanine (FR) | Phrymerial (E) | Cote d’Aver (NL) | Basement Torture Killings (UK) | Necrosy (IT) | Human Prey (GER) | Bound To Prevail (MT) | Aceldama (CR) | Gore Dimension (TR)

33 Bands from 17 different countries!

Thank you for your support. We are working our a55es off to make sure we all have a killer party in August. Please help us share the flyer and tell your friends about Deathfeast Open Air.