August 2022

Welcome to the WORLDWIDE-LIVE-STREAM of the Deathfeast Open Air 2022. Like in 2021 we will have IridumStream to bring the Deathfeast into your livingroom. We will have more than 4 differant cameras on the set. The Ticketprice is 19,99 € for all 3 Days. Tickets: Running Order for the Days: Thursday 25. Aug23.00-00.00 | Suffocation21.45-22.30 | INGESTED20.45-21.30 | Coffin Feeder19.45-20.30 | Leng Tch'e19.00-19.30 | GUTSLIT18.15-18.45 | Organectomy17.30-18.00 | Bloodtruth16.45–17.15 | Necrosy16.00–16.30 | Stillbirth Friday 26. Aug23.00-00.00 | Benighted21.45-22.30 | GUTALAX ( cz gore grind )20.45-21.30 |

Here it is, the long awaited Running Order. Due to the many cancellations and postponements we could only now compile the final running order. With this sick bands, there is not much time to drink beer, the Circle Pit is calling for you relentlessly. For all those who can't come to Deathfeast Open Air 2022 we are preparing a live stream in cooperation with IridumStream, like last year. We will publish the event tomorrow. The day tickets will NOT be available in advance, but only